Risk-minimized Prophylaxis

Prophylaxis treatments without aerosols, or other ways prophylaxis can work. How can prophylaxis succeed if manual instruments are to dominate suddenly? Kerstin Zern Römling ZMP and Birgit Schlee DH report on their experiences and about their new prophylactic routine in their practice. During the corona crisis, the question arose for us in the dental practice […]

Double Gracey EN

XP Double Gracey™ – The latest innovation Two Graceys – One instrument – plenty of benefits The Double Graceys series by American Eagle Instruments combines two instruments in one. The advantages are obvious. Two instruments for all tooth surfaces (anterior & posterior) Replaces a whole range of standard Gracey curettes. XP Technology®: designed NOT to […]

GALAXIE Cassettes

GALAXIE Cassettes The cost efficient solution for your instrument reprocessing A new range of cassettes – ergonomic and smart – offers an optimal solution for the classification, cleaning and sterilization of dental hand-instruments, while increasing safety and efficiency in the practice. High Quality Materials Innovative and ergonomic closing latch allows one-hand opening New and innovative […]