XP Double Gracey™ – The latest innovation

Two Graceys – One instrument – plenty of benefits

The Double Graceys series by American Eagle Instruments combines two instruments in one. The advantages are obvious.

  • Two instruments for all tooth surfaces (anterior & posterior)
  • Replaces a whole range of standard Gracey curettes.
  • XP Technology®: designed NOT to be sharpened. Saves time and money.
  • Maneuver between mesial and distal surfaces without switching or flipping instruments
  • Allows the clinician to stay in one ergonomic position during scaling without shifting positions
  • Two available sizes: Regular and Mini for deeper pockets

The technical details – or why our XP Double Graceys are so popular

Standard Gracey curettes have a face angled at an average of 70° to the terminal shank. (See illustration “A” below). Variations with longer shanks and shorter blades are used for procedures in deeper and narrower pockets, or for use in furcations.Gracey curettes are area specific. The clinician needs many different variations to cover the full treatment range.

Unlike the Double Gracey (see illustration “B”): The face of Double Graceys™ is raised, thus creating two slightly sloped faces, approximately 110 degrees, measured from the terminal (lower) shank. Combined with our XP Technology® this is an ultimate combination.

Image A1Image A1
Image A2Image A2