Titanium Implant Instruments

Features of Titanium Implant Instruments

The careful removal of sub- and supragingival biofilm and tartar from dental implants is particularly important when it comes to treating peri-implantitis. With the American Eagle Implant Instruments, this process is done in a thorough and, above all, gentle manner. The instruments have rounded working ends and are made from medical-grade titanium that is softer than the implant itself. This prevents the implants from being scratched, and the surface remains intact.

All American Eagle implant instruments have a particularly light handle made of EagleLite® resin, providing the practitioner and the patient with an increased level of comfort. That handle effectively prevents hand fatigue and supports a particularly gentle application on sensitive implant surfaces.

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Use of Titanium Implant Instruments

The implant instrument series by American Eagle consists of four instruments, curettes, and scalers that can be used to optimally reach every area of the oral cavity.

The implant curettes have a rounded working end as well as a rounded side and back surface. The N128/Langer 5 combination is a modified sickle scaler featuring a universal anterior curette for the upper and lower jaw. The Nebraska 128 tip is ideal for small, tight spaces and the circumference of the implant abutment.

The Langer 3-4 universal curette imitates the shaft angulation of the Gracey 13-14, a good choice for treating dentures in the molar or premolar region.

Barnhart 5-6 (M23A) universal curette, suitable for all quadrants.

The Scaler 204S is intended for difficult-to-reach areas/the molar region and is sharply angled for ease of access. It has 2 cutting edges and a slightly rounded working end.

Implant Instrument Kit

Implant Instrument Kit

GALAXIE cassette of stainless steel with four implant instruments:
Barnhart 5-6
Langer 3-4
Nebraska 128/Langer 5
Scaler 204S

Item# AE ll K Z

Why titanium?

With regular and optimal oral hygiene, the structures surrounding the implant can be kept healthy for a very long time. Evidence-based, current studies show that smooth, clean implant surfaces are significantly less susceptible to biofilm caused by peri-implant mucositis or peri-implantitis.* Based on these findings, American Eagle developed an instrument set made of titanium that supports the efforts of practitioners towards long-term prognosis of implant treatment.

What is “medical-grade” titanium?

Medical-grade titanium is the currently most biocompatible material for implants on the market. Through the use of a titanium that is softer than the implant itself, an instrument was developed that neither scratches the implant surface when professionally used nor leaves behind shavings during instrumentation. Plastic curettes are not suitable for processing rough implant surfaces; they leave behind material residue, which in turn facilitates the development of peri-implant diseases.*


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