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Instruments for composite fillings

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As part of the tooth preservation process, instruments for composite fillings are always used in daily practice in addition to restorative hand instruments. A filling restores the original shape and function of the tooth. A variety of instruments assist in achieving the desired shape by pressing and plugging as well as shaping and modelling.

Smoother than ever thanks to XP

Once the caries has been removed and the cavity cleaned, various approaches are available to shape the cavity. Fillings made of composite materials have been in use for many years.

Composites are similar in structure to dentin and therefore allow for a better bond. A good colour match and edge strength are also to be emphasised, not to mention good modelling of the filling to correspond with the tooth, whether anterior or posterior, e.g. the modelling of fissures and pits of occlusal surfaces.

Composite instruments from American Eagle will impress you the first time you use them. Thanks to the use of the innovative XP Technology® surface finish, the tips have a super-hard, virtually scratch-resistant surface that reliably prevents the composite from sticking to the working end. The laborious cleaning of instrument tips after treatment is a thing of the past.

Composite 1-9 Series

A universal set for anterior and posterior restorations/sculpting/composite layering. The result of a filling procedure depends particularly on the instruments that enable the dentist to access hard-to-reach areas and to place the composite material accurately and aesthetically.

This series offers various spatula/plugger/burnisher combinations to achieve precisely this goal.


Composite Plastic Filling Instrument #Composite 1


Composite Plastic Filling Instrument #Composite 7


Composite Plastic Filling Instrument #Composite Gregg 4-5

This series is complemented by the particularly fine and flexible Interproximal Carvers.


IPC -L Interproximal Carver, long, anterior


IPC -T Interproximal Carver, thin, anterior

Dr. Mopper Series

The instruments from the Dr. Mopper series with non-stick XP Technology®, consisting of burnishers, pluggers and carvers, offer a complete set for filling procedures in the anterior and posterior areas. The two super pluggers feature two different sized condenser/pluggers with a ball-shaped burnisher on one end and an acorn-shaped carver on the other. This provides you with a multifunctional instrument.


Super Plugger S/M, posterior


Super Plugger M/L, posterior

Dr. Colonna Series

The dental instruments in the Dr. Colonna series were specially designed for use in micro preparations. Micro-spoon excavators are very precise and are particularly suitable for removing caries from the smallest micro preparations. This series contains three excavators with various spoons sizes (from 0.64 mm to 1.0 mm in diameter).

Carvers in familiar forms (such as the Acorn carver), condenser/pluggers, interproximal carvers and the well-known Shepherd’s Hook complete the series. All instruments in the Dr. Colonna composite series are coated with XP Technology®.


Acorn Carver


Shepherds Hook Explorer


Interproximal Carver

Dr. Belvedere Series

The instruments in the Dr. Belvedere series have serrated, oval heads to enable better transport and good adaptation of the composite. The lightweight handle, which is flattened in one area, makes handling easier when applying the composite. This instrument is therefore balanced in the practitioner’s hand. These dental hand instruments make it easier to achieve an optimal contact point.

Frequently asked questions about composite instruments

Are the composite instruments from the series available as a complete kit?

No, we do not offer these instruments as a set, only as individual instruments. If you are interested in a complete set – including our GALAXIE instrument cassettes, for example – we would be happy to advise you.

Are the American Eagle instruments for composite fillings only available with XP working ends?

To prevent the composite material from sticking to the instrument tips, they are coated with non-stick XP Technology® and thus offer a smooth surface. With the exception of the instruments from the Dr Belvedere series, all our composite dental hand instruments use XP Technology®.

Which handles are available for the composite instruments?

Composite handles from American Eagle Instruments are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are available in two versions. A thinner standard handle with a diameter of 6.3 mm and a larger handle (9.5 mm diameter) for even better grip and reduced hand fatigue. A special feature of the Dr. Belvedere series is a handle with a flattened centre for improved handling when applying composite.

American Eagle instruments
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In our video section you will find detailed information and tips on the correct care and use of American Eagle dental instruments.

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