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Extraction Instruments

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Today’s dentistry is designed to preserve as many teeth as possible and only extract them when necessary. Nevertheless, some clinical situations require tooth extractions to preserve oral health, for example in cases of severe caries, gum disease, dental trauma or complications with wisdom teeth. The focus for both the user and the patient should be on a gentle treatment that is as atraumatic as possible. Various surgical instruments are available for this purpose. When selecting these surgical products, attention was paid to an easy-to-clean instrument surface, precise working ends and the most comfortable and controlled working on the patient possible.

Periotomes - gentle and atraumatic

In order to avoid bone and tissue trauma, as far as possible, during dental extraction treatment, periotomes are used for the gentlest and most atraumatic extraction possible. The periotome detaches the gingival fibres from the marginal gingiva, loosening the tooth to be extracted.

Periotomes are often used before planned implantation. They are available in straight or curved form, depending on the application, in the anterior or posterior region or the existing dental situation. The extremely fine and delicate cutting edges allow the periodontal ligament to be separated before the actual extraction with the lever or forceps.


Periotome straight and curved, 1.8mm

PerioLUX - for gentle tooth removal

PerioLUX elevators are a further development of the well-known luxation instruments/elevators and are also suitable for a very gentle / atraumatic extraction. They are used in the treatment sequence after the periotomes. The axial application in the pencil grip gives the user maximum control over the force applied.

The matt grip surface reduces disturbing light reflections. They are available for use in the mesial or distal area. Please note, PerioLUX instruments are not suitable for levering.


PerioLUX mesial


PerioLUX distal

LiftaLUX Root Elevators - gentle extraction with familiar handling

The LiftaLUX Root Elevators are also suitable for atraumatic treatments. The extra fine working ends are guided axially to the root tip. This gentle procedure is complemented by the stainless-steel handle with ergonomic grip design, which is easy to clean. During the development of the handles, care was taken to ensure that they are suitable for reprocessing in the American Eagle instrument cassettes.

Due to the straight or curved design, with working ends of different widths (3 mm or 4 mm), LiftaLUX elevators are available for most surgical procedures. Please note that LiftaLUX instruments must not be used for levering!


LiftaLUX Elevator/Root Elevator straight, 3 mm


LiftaLUX Elevator/Root Elevator curved, 3 mm

TwistaLUX elevators - the ones with the special twist

TwistaLUX elevators have been specially developed for levering or torque applications. They have more robust working ends than the LiftaLUX instruments and transmit even greater force safely without breaking or bending.

This root lever also has an ergonomic handle made of easy-to-clean stainless-steel. Available in straight or curved form and 3 mm or 4 mm wide working ends.


TwistaLUX Elevator/Root Elevator straight, 3 mm


TwistaLUX Elevator/Root Elevator curved, 4 mm

Heidbrink Root Tip Elevators - for root remnants

Heidbrink Root Tip Elevators – for safe removal of root debris of any size from the tooth pocket. They are used especially for root resection, but also for other dental surgical procedures. The extended working ends allow better access to the pocket / alveolus. The grooves on the ergonomic handle not only ensure a secure grip and maximum force transmission; it is also easy to clean. Heidbrink hand instruments are available in three sizes – fine, medium and strong, for different sizes of root debris or different requirements.


Heidbrink Root Tip Elevator 1, fine

Deep Forceps - for best placement at the root

The following applies to all surgical extraction forceps from American Eagle Instruments®: The weight-optimised handle offers maximum comfort and optimum handling while the smooth surface is easy to clean. Due to the matt finish of the handle, disturbing reflections are reduced. The Teflon washer in the hinge ensures an almost maintenance-free service life and excellent smoothness.

A special feature of the American Eagle forceps range are the so-called deep-gripping pliers. A better, partly subgingival placement on the tooth prevents fractures when extracting damaged or weakened tooth crowns. The tapered forceps’ beak can be placed deeper at the root.


Extraction Forceps #2 with adhesive profile for upper incisors and canines


Deep Extraction Forceps for upper incisors

Lucas Curettes - with very sharp working ends

The Lucas Surgical Curette is also known as the Lucas Scraper and was specially developed for the requirements of dental surgery. The fine, oval and very sharp working ends in the shape of a spoon were designed for bone curettage, debridement of the alveolus after extraction and cyst removal. The ergonomic handle allows maximum comfort and control of force transmission. The matt handle surface reduces disturbing light reflections. Available in different tray sizes: 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm.


Lucas Surgical Curette, 2.5 mm

Frequently asked questions about extraction instruments

Can I open the screws of the extraction forceps for cleaning?

Please never open the screws of the extraction forceps. These are adjusted and fixed in the last manufacturing step and must therefore never be opened.

Is there a ready-made set of dental forceps to buy?

American Eagle Instruments offers you a set of 10 selected extraction forceps with which you can perform all common extractions.

It consists of the following forceps: for upper incisors and canines, for upper premolars, for upper molars right, for upper molars left, for upper wisdom teeth, for upper roots, for lower canines and premolars, for lower molars both sides, for lower roots, for lower wisdom teeth.


What is the difference between standard forceps and deep grip forceps?

Deep gripping forceps prevent fractures when extracting damaged or weakened tooth crowns, thanks to their better, partly subgingival placement on the tooth. The tapered beak of the forceps can be placed deeper at the root.

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