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Microsurgery Instruments

maximum precision and control

maximum precision

optimal control

precise handling

pleasant feel

Dental microsurgical instruments from American Eagle were developed with these qualities in mind. The focus was on you, the user, high-quality materials and manufacturing quality. The instruments meet current clinical techniques and requirements. A matt surface has been developed especially for working with magnifying glasses, which reduces disturbing light reflections and at the same time sits comfortably and securely in the hand.

Microneedle holder - for best grip and maximum precision

For maximum microsurgical precision in wound closure, our microneedle holder is ideal. It can be used for needle/thread combinations in strengths 5/0 to 8/0. The round handles with their particularly pleasant feel ensure extremely precise guidance and comfort during microsurgical suturing.

The micro needle holder can be locked particularly smoothly and guarantees secure suture guidance.

The fine diamond coating of the working end ensures a secure grip and minimal wear. The microneedle holder has been manufactured to have no sharp edges so that no accidental cutting of the suture material is possible.

To prevent accidental jamming of the often very fine suture material, the American Eagle needle holder has a special twisted instrument closure. Contact our consultants for a demonstration!


Microneedle holder

Scissors - as light and precise as a scalpel

Atraumatic surgery on oral soft tissue requires perfectly functioning and coordinated instruments. These microsurgical scissors from American Eagle, together with other products from the microsurgical range, offer you optimum support in this respect. The round handles of these SuperCut micro scissors ensure a particularly pleasant feel for precise guidance and comfort.

The SuperCut grinding of the upper blade makes cuts as smooth and precise as with a scalpel. The second blade is micro-serrated and supports the secure hold of soft tissue and suture material. The razor-sharp SuperCut blade prevents soft tissue from fraying. Ideally suited for soft tissue management, suture removal and microsurgery.


Micro scissors SuperCut, microserrated

Tunnelling Instruments

Both tunnelling instruments minimise the risk of perforation during buccal gap flap formation. The working ends have been made spoon-shaped and have an angulation which facilitates preparation in convex anatomical areas.


Tunnel instrument #1


Tunnel instrument #2

Micro Scalpel Blade Holder

We recommend the Micro scalpel blade holder for maximum microsurgical precision. The rounded handle fits comfortably in the hand and at the same time ensures best accuracy when cutting soft tissue as well as foolproof rotation and readjustment during surgery.


Microblade holder

1x2 serrated - for precise hold during wound closure

The round handle of the surgical micro forceps also guarantees comfortable handling when gripping and mobilising the gingiva; it also serves for precise holding during suturing.


Microsurgical forceps 1×2 teeth

Finest microsurgery tweezers - Anatomical Micro Cooley Atraumatic Tweezer

The round handles of these Cooley microsurgical forceps have a pleasant feel for maximum precise guidance and comfort during dental microsurgical procedures and soft tissue management. The special serration of the forceps’ beak distributes the pressure over a large area and therefore holds even the finest soft tissue securely and gently.


Anatomical Micro Cooley Atraumatic Tweezer

Micro Suture Tweezers

The micro forceps with needle plate to hold the suture are precisely crafted to provide a secure grip when placing the suture. There are no sharp edges here, so accidental cutting of the suture material is prevented. As with all microsurgical instruments, there are no reflections on these forceps due to the matt instrument surface.


Micro Suture Tweezers

Papilla Elevator

With this particularly delicate raspatory/elevator, you achieve maximum precision in implantological, microsurgical and other procedures. The papilla elevator is very well suited for initial mobilisation, e.g. for soft tissue management or implantation.


Papilla Elevator

Orban Periodontal Knife

The curved blades of the periodontal knife allow good access into the posterior tooth and interproximal areas.


Orban Periodontal Knife 1-2

Frequently asked questions about microsurgical instruments

What is a diamond-coated beak and what is its advantage over other beaks?

Microneedle holders with diamond-coated beak guarantee a secure grip with minimal wear.

American Eagle instruments
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In our video section you will find detailed information and tips on the correct care and use of American Eagle dental instruments.

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