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Interchangeable instrument tips


environmentally friendly



The Quik-Tips™ from American Eagle Instruments save you money and reduce waste. Quick-Tip™ is the name of our sustainable instrument range, which allows you to individually combine handles with interchangeable instrument tips.

Customisable, environmentally friendly and cost-saving

Customise your hand instrument with different coloured handles and the familiar scaler and curette tips. In this way, you never have to replace the entire instrument when it wears out, just the worn working end. This reduces costs and protects the environment. For example, you can save more than 200 Euros when purchasing 10 instruments (recommended retail price) compared to complete instruments.

The matching handles for the Quik-Tip™ instrument tips are available in different versions and colours, thus enabling an individual configuration. You can, for example, choose a colour exclusively for your scalers or make a colour distinction depending on the area of application or treatment room – it’s up to you!


Extremely lightweight

The ergonomic and lightweight EagleLite® handles ensure a relaxed posture during use and provide better tactile feedback. The handle diameter as well as the clear groove pattern in the handle helps counteract carpal tunnel syndrome. Further tips for ergonomic treatment and the correct use of hand instruments can also be found in our “Ergonomics” section.

EagleLite® handles for Quik-Tips are available in single-ended or double-ended versions in 7 colours or stainless steel.

Use our American Eagle tool to change the Quik-Tips™ quickly and easily.

Your customised Quik-Tip™ instrument

Quik-Tip™ instrument tips are available in the familiar instrument designs – as scalers, curettes and Gracey curettes. They are also optionally available as versions with Talon Tough™ stainless steel or sharpen-free XP Technology®. The XP alloy makes the working end extremely hard and resistant. They retain their sharp cutting edges, are always ready for use, do not need to be sharpened, and ensure that the practitioner no longer tires prematurely due to the strenuous use of blunt blades.

The Quik-Tip™ attachments are also available in the Pro Thin version with extra fine tips. These guarantee remarkably gentle therapy and atraumatic access to deep periodontal pockets.

The assembled Quik-Tip™ instruments can be easily sterilised in a thermal disinfector.

Frequently asked questions about the interchangeable Quik Tip™ instrument

Are all scalers and curettes available as Quik-Tips™?

With a few exceptions, all American Eagle scalers and curette tips are available in Quik-Tip™ versions. This includes Double Gracey™ and Pro Thin™ instruments.

Do Quik-Tip™ instruments need to be disassembled for sterilisation?

No, the Quik-Tip™ instruments do not have to be disassembled for mechanical processing in a thermal disinfector. Contact our customer service team for more information on sterilisation.

Is it always necessary to replace both instrument tips?

No, you can replace each instrument tip separately. If you have incorrectly sharpened an instrument or if an instrument tip is heavily stressed and worn on one side, the respective tip can be ordered individually.

Do you need a special tool for assembly or dismantling?

A special Quik-Tip™ tool is available so that you can change the tips quickly and easily. For optimal performance, apply a lubricant (petroleum jelly or silicone) to the Quik-Tip™ thread and tighten the tip firmly into the handle with the corresponding American Eagle Instruments tool.

Can the tips still move after assembly or are they securely screwed together?

Provided you have correctly screwed the tips into the handle and tightened them with the corresponding tool, the tips are securely seated in the handle and can no longer move. These installation instructions show you how to assemble the Quik-Tip tips.

Are the instruments delivered pre-assembled?

A Quik-Tip™ instrument consists of two instrument tips and a handle and therefore components that you can assemble individually. Assembly is carried out using a special tool that can be ordered separately from American Eagle. Therefore the instruments are not delivered pre-assembled.

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In our video section you will find detailed information and tips on the correct care and use of American Eagle dental instruments.

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