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ProThin™ periodontal instruments

extra fine and precise working ends

extra fine




ProThin™ periodontal instruments from American Eagle Instruments® are designed to meet the unique challenges of periodontal treatment. They are particularly recommended for deep pockets and narrow interproximal areas. The precise and fine design of the working ends and the ergonomic handles enable the practitioner to provide a safe and gentle periodontal therapy.

The selection of ProThin™ periodontal instruments

The instrument tips are even finer than standard instruments with XP Technology®. Crowding, overlapping or even deep pockets in the anterior teeth can be treated particularly gently this way.

ProThin™ instruments are available in almost all common instrument designs: as a universal scaler M23 and Black Jack for the interproximal/posterior region; as a Barnhart 5-6 universal curette and as a Gracey Access instrument set with the Gracey Access 1-2, 7-8, 13-14 and 15-16.

The one and only – almost. The universal scaler suitable for pretty much everything.

The M23 ProThin™ scaler allows optimal access to the supragingival and interproximal areas of all teeth, right up to the contact points. It adapts well to hard-to-reach mesial and distal surfaces. The versatility of the M23 has the potential to replace all posterior and anterior sickle scalers, simplifying preparation for preventative and periodontal treatments.


M23 Scaler ProThin™

Jackpot with Blackjack

Choosing the Blackjack Pro Thin™ scaler is definitely a good decision. This is because the popular instrument for supragingival debridement is even thinner thanks to Pro Thin™ for the improved removal of mineralised deposits above the gingiva. The Blackjack Pro Thin™ with XP Technology® is used in a modified scaling technique. Controlled probing and scanning strokes are possible due to this instrument’s particularly delicate tips. The Blackjack Pro Thin™ can replace other sickle scalers, such as the H 6-7, making treatment even more effective. Blackjack Pro Thin™ can be used universally, even in the anterior area.


Black Jack Scaler ProThin™

Perfect in combination with Scaler M23 – the Barnhart 5-6 universal curette

The Barnhart 5-6 is particularly popular in periodontal therapy. Unlike traditional curettes, which are often too thick, this instrument’s narrow design makes it very effective for treating deep pockets with gingivitis and subgingival deposits, providing much greater comfort. In combination with the universal scaler M23, you have two periodontal instruments which enable you to clean all tooth surfaces. It is our recommendation for your periodontal instrument set.


Barnhart 5-6 Curette ProThin™

Gracey Access Pro Thin™ curettes – more than the norm

Gracey curettes have been used as standard instruments for removing concrements and bacterial biofilms in pockets deeper than 4 mm. However, the Gracey Access instruments (50% shorter blade and 3mm longer shank) have now gained popularity in periodontitis therapy. The design of these periodontal instruments has been enhanced with the Pro Thin™ to facilitate access to concave root areas as well as furcations and delicate anterior roots. Thanks to XP Technology®, which eliminates the need to sharpen sensitive instruments, the complex design of the shortened working tip can be perfectly preserved.

Four Gracey Access instruments are available in the Pro Thin™ design.


Gracey Access 1-2 Curette ProThin™

They are ideal for use on both anterior teeth and in the buccal and lingual furcation areas of molars.


Gracey Access 7-8 Curette ProThin™

The Gracey Access 7-8 Pro Thin™ curette is used on premolars and in buccal and lingual surfaces and furcation areas of molars.

AE GA 13-14T XP X

Gracey Access 13-14 Curette ProThin™

It optimises access to distal pockets and tooth surfaces. The thinner working tip makes it easier to treat tight pockets and hard-to-reach areas..

AE GA 15-16T XP X

Gracey Access 15-16 Curette ProThin™

The Gracey 15-16 curette is a further development of the traditional Gracey 11-12. The greater angle between the terminal and upper shanks of the 15-16 provides better access to all mesial surfaces, especially when the patient can only open their mouth to a limited extent.

Frequently asked questions about ProThin™ periodontal instruments

Which Gracey curette do I use with the Pro Thin™ for the mesial surfaces?

For the Pro Thin, the Gracey 15-16 was chosen for the mesial surfaces. It is slightly more curved than the Gracey 11-12 and thus improves access to deep pockets.

How do Pro Thin™ instruments differ from other periodontology instruments?

In addition to the finer blades, the Pro Thin™ hand instruments have a plastic handle that is tapered in the middle for easier identification in the tray.

For which areas of application are Pro Thin™ instruments recommended?

The fine tips are particularly suitable for deep pockets. The surrounding tissue is thus protected to the greatest possible extent. Even pockets deeper than 5 mm are easily accessible. They are for those periodontal cases where an instrument cannot be fine enough.

Can I sharpen the Pro Thin™ instruments?

The Pro Thin instruments are produced with innovative XP Technology®, eliminating the need for sharpening. The patented surface treatment makes the working end even more durable. This process also enables the production of even thinner instrument tips with sharper blades, which we utilise for the Pro Thin periodontal instruments.

Do I use Pro Thin™ instruments in the same way as standard periodontal instruments?

No. The extra-fine instrument tips combined with the patented XP Technology®, which make the working ends particularly sharp, mean you need to exert less force. Guide the instrument with a relaxed grip and moderate pressure when probing and scanning to achieve the best possible tactile sensitivity.

Are the Pro Thin™ instruments also available as Quik-Tips?

Pro Thin instruments™ with thinner working ends are also available as screw-in Quik-Tips with XP Technology®, which you do not have to sharpen.

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