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GALAXIE cassettes

The cost-effective solution for sterilising your instruments


optimised for



The new range of ergonomic and innovative instrument cassettes offers an optimal solution for the arrangement, cleaning and sterilisation of dental hand instruments. At the same time, these cassettes increase your safety and efficiency in the practice.

Benefits of the GALAXIE

  • High-quality materials
  • Ergonomic closing latch
  • Optimised pattern
  • Optimised for washer-disinfectors
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Perfect organisation
  • Maximum flexibility
High-quality materials:

The electropolished stainless steel with smooth edges supports quick drying and protection against corrosion

Ergonomic closing latch:

The innovative and ergonomic closing latch allows opening with one hand

Optimised design:

Laser-cut pattern ensures maximum efficiency during the cleaning and sterilisation process

WD optimised:

The open grid design is specifically designed for use in the WD and allows for maximum water flow

Maximum efficiency:

Smooth, rounded edges and slotted corners increase drainage and reduce drying time

Perfect organisation:

The 5 colour coding options per cassette allow for clear practice organisation

Maximum variability:

The silicone rails can be used variably and are compatible with all handle diameters

4 cassette sizes - always suitable for your requirements


Cassette for 5 instruments

¼DIN – 185 x 80 x 37 mm

5 Colour coding options
1 Pressure Rail, V-profile
2 Retention Rails

Extendable to a 10-instrument cassette!*

*with additional Retention Rail (1x AECAGRAIL)


Cassette for 10 instruments

½DIN – 185 x 148 x 37 mm

5 Colour coding options
1 Pressure Rail, V-profile
2 Retention Rails

Extendable to a 20-instrument cassette!*

*with additional Retention Rails (2x AECAGRAIL)


Surgical cassette for up to 17 instruments

DIN – 285 x 183 x 37 mm

5 Colour coding options
2 Pressure Rails, V-profile
4 Support Rails

Optional accessories


Clips for scissors*


Clips for needleholders or forceps*


Assembly tool for scissors and needleholder clips

*Use in pairs recommended for optimal fixation


Container cassette for up to 16 instruments

DIN – 268 x 176 x 34 mm

5 Colour coding options
2 Pressure Rails, V-profile
4 Support Rails

Simply extend.

With the optionally available Retention Rails, you can expand your cassette to hold twice the amount of instruments. Thanks to the additionally available 10-instruments Support Rails and Pressure Rails, you can also realise an individual division entirely according to your needs.


10-instruments Retention Rail, blue, 1 piece


10-instruments Support Rail, blue, 1 piece


Pressure Rail, blue, V-profile, 1 piece

Easy assembly, versatile use





No more broken instruments

GALAXIE instrument cassettes are not only used to clearly organise instruments before and after treatment but also ensure the safe transport of instruments from the sterilisation area to the treatment unit and back for sterilisation.

The cassettes have sufficient rails that secure the dental instruments to prevent them from moving. The two support rails are mounted in the bottom of the cassette and have recesses into which the instruments are placed and which hold the dental instruments. The pressure rails, on the other hand, are located in the lid of the cassette and rest on the instruments when the instrument cassette is closed, keeping them in place throughout the cleaning and sterilisation process. The dental instruments do not slip, and sensitive instrument tips cannot bend or break off.

Using dental instrument cassettes helps to maintain the quality of your instruments.

Safety first

Once the dental hand instruments have been placed in the cassette and the cassette has been closed, you and your staff are protected from injury and the risk of infection is reduced. Sharp working ends of hand instruments can no longer prick and cause an injury, as the instruments are safely stored in the cassette.

You can remove individual instruments from the cassette, without injuring yourself. You no longer have to reach into a drawer or a pile of instruments with the risk of injuring yourself.

Organisation by colour

GALAXIE instrument cassettes can be efficiently and transparently organised with colour-coded elements, e.g. according to treatment type, practitioner or treatment room. In addition to the blue silicone carrier and pressure rails, the cassettes are supplied with silicone coding tabs in five colours: black, red, yellow, green and purple. Thus, nothing stands in the way of colour-coded organisation in the practice.

However, the colour-coding is not only used for sorting, e.g. by treatment type, user or practitioner; staff can also find and identify the marked cassettes more easily, thus saving valuable time searching for instruments. Simply reach for a colour-coded cassette and you already have the desired instruments, or set of instruments, in your hand.

Professional appearance

GALAXIE instrument cassettes made of stainless steel enable you to present your patients with sterile dental hand instruments at the treatment chair. Your patients can see that the instruments have been cleaned and sterilised, and they can start their treatment with peace of mind. As a practitioner, you are able to work efficiently during the treatment because you have already adapted the cassette to your treatment procedure and thus can unerringly reach for the right instrument.

Frequently asked questions about GALAXIE dental instrument cassettes

Are the silicone rails also available in other colours?

We currently only offer GALAXIE instrument cassettes with blue silicone rails. However, you can use the five colour coding tabs to personalise or mark the cassette according to the room or practitioner, for example.

What material are the instrument rails made of?

They are made of food-grade silicone.

Are GALAXIE cassettes available in any other versions?

The three available sizes of the GALAXIE cassettes correspond to the standard DIN formats and are therefore suitable for insertion into a washer-disinfector (WD). Depending on the set of instruments and treatment, you can load the cassettes with your preferred instruments.

How easy is the cassette to use?

GALAXIE cassettes feature an easy opening and closing mechanism and can be easily operated with one hand.

Does your range also include plastic cassettes?

American Eagle does not have any plastic cassettes. We offer high-quality GALAXIE cassettes made of electropolished stainless steel.

Why does the instrument cassette have such large openings?

The new laser-cut lattice design of the GALAXIE cassettes enables an optimal cleaning process with maximum water flow. The open design was specially developed for use in washer-disinfectors. The smooth, rounded edges and slotted corners also help to increase water drainage and minimise the drying phase.

Do the cassettes come with instruments?

The cassettes are sold without instruments. The purchase of a GALAXIE cassette includes a set of two support rails and a pressure rail as well as 5 colour-coding tabs.

How are the silicone rails fixed in the cassettes?

The rails are simply inserted into the lattice openings in the lid or base of the cassette.

Here you will find the assembly instructions for all cassette models.

American Eagle instruments
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In our video section you will find detailed information and tips on the correct care and use of American Eagle dental instruments.

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