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XP Technology® dental instruments

Careful – even sharper!

never sharpen again!




XP Technology® is a patented process for the surface treatment of dental instrument tips. The metallurgical composition of the instrument surface is designed to make the material much more durable. Time-consuming sharpening of instruments is eliminated!

Never sharpen again.

Nano-optimised XP Technology® is used in American Eagle Instruments scalers and curettes as well as Double Gracey™ curettes as it makes it possible to produce thinner instrument tips with sharper cutting edges.

Durability of XP instruments



XP Technology®


Independent research has recognised XP Technology® as a revolutionary technological breakthrough in the dental industry.  Dr. Phillip Watson from the University of Toronto was able to demonstrate the superior durability of the XP instruments compared to standard instruments.

Research: University of Toronto, Dr. Phillip A Watson, Dept. of Biological and Diagnostic Sciences.

This unique surface technology is also used in our composite instruments. In this case, the treatment of the working ends with XP Technology® helps to prevent composite from sticking to the instrument (non-stick XP Technology®)

Cost-saving with XP Technology®

By eliminating the tedious grinding of your periodontology instruments, there are also cost-saving effects for your practice: instead of spending valuable time on sharpening, more patients can be treated. The tiresome and bothersome sharpening work is eliminated, which frees up prophylactic staff significantly. Calculate your potential savings now.

Do you know how much sharpening costs?

Calculate your costs with our sharpening calculator and see for yourself what you can save per year by using our XP Technology® instruments.

The calculation of the potential savings is based on the times and costs you specify for prophylactic treatment and reflects an approximate value of the costs to be expected per year due to a corresponding loss of treatment.

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Further reasons to no longer sharpen

Incorrect sharpening of scalers and curettes changes the intended shape of the original instrument every time. Practice shows that rounded curettes are often sharpened into pointed scalers within a short period of time.

Hand and wrist fatigue is significantly reduced due to the lighter handles and gentler use of XP instruments.

Enjoy your American Eagle XP Technology® instruments for longer

Proper handling and maintenance of the high-quality XP Technology® instruments are particularly important if you want to enjoy them for a long time.

Always use the instruments with little pressure on the tooth/root surface. Concretions are removed layer by layer with “shaving” strokes. This is gentle on your hand and the patient and the instrument stays sharp for longer.

Further recommendations for ergonomic working with dental hand instruments can be found in our Ergonomics section.

Frequently asked questions about dental instruments with XP Technology®

How should XP Technology instruments be sterilised?

We recommend sterilising them in our stainless steel GALAXIE cassettes. This protects the delicate blades of the instruments perfectly. Compared to plastic cassettes, the stainless steel cassettes ensure optimal drying.


How long do XP Instruments last?

XP Technology® instruments usually last as long as standard stainless steel instruments that are sharpened regularly. These instruments have to be replaced after a certain amount of wear has been caused by sharpening and the tip has become too thin or is no longer clinically correct. XP instruments do not require tedious and time-consuming sharpening during this period and maintain the correct geometry. After that, they must also be replaced. The well-known Quik-Tips™ offer a particularly economical option.

How much money can I save by switching to XP Technology®?

This varies greatly from practice to practice. With our sharpening cost calculator, you can calculate your individual savings potential in great detail.


Are all scalers and curettes available with XP Technology®?

With very few exceptions, all American Eagle scalers and curettes are also available with XP Technology®.

American Eagle instruments
in action!

In our video section you will find detailed information and tips on the correct care and use of American Eagle dental instruments.

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