Quik-Tips™ – Replaceable Tips

Quik-Tip: 1 handle – 2 replaceable instrument tips – plenty of benefits


Using the Quik-Tip inserts from American Eagle Instruments you will save money and reduce waste, at the same time. You create your own hand instrument from variegated handles and well-known scaler and curette tip designs. As the instrument wears through use, you do not have to replace the full instrument – simply the worn working end. This saves costs, resources and reduces waste.

The handles are available in different versions and colors. Thus, you can create many individual models. The corresponding wrench enables a quick and comfortable exchange of the Quik-Tip inserts.

Available for scalers, curettes and Gracey curettes. The instrument tips are available in the sharpen-free XP Technology™ version or in stainless steel. Selected tip designs are also on hand with extra thin tips, the so called Pro Thin Quik-Tips.

The full instruments can be easily processed in the thermo disinfector.

Some of the most common tip designs as XP Quik-Tip: