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At this year’s IDS in Cologne we launched our new surgical instrument line. The efficiency and quality of the products are the key feature of this new range which covers 80% of all dental surgical procedures. High-quality materials, ergonomic handles and a matt finish to prevent reflections are therefore standard.

American Eagle Instruments® produces high-quality dental hand instruments that offer efficient processes, save time and provide ergonomic comfort. We are known for our non-abrasive XP Scalers, Curettes and Double Graceys which retain their shape, function and sharpness throughout their lifetime.

The surgical instruments are designed for working with magnifying glasses or a microscope. The matt surface reduces glare from strong light and shows a clear contrast between the mucosa and gums. This relieves the eyes and improves the view of the surgical area, which increases control and promotes the precision of the procedure. Greater safety is also provided by the ergonomic handles, which offer maximum grip. All surfaces are easy to clean and meet the requirements for hygienic instrument reprocessing.

The range includes clamps, forceps, scalpels, forceps, needle holders, scissors, surgical curettes and raspatories. A perfectly coordinated set of ten microsurgical instruments completes the range. They are used, for example, for aesthetic procedures such as gingival recession and for tunnelling. All micro instruments are manufactured according to the highest German standards and guarantee maximum precision.

Also in the portfolio are innovations such as the deep-action dental forceps. Their narrow, extended beak allows better access into the sulcus and can be placed deep at the root. The optimal, partly subgingival positioning prevents fractures when extracting damaged or weakened tooth crowns. The weight-reduced handle simplifies handling and offers maximum comfort. The Teflon disc in the lock ensures excellent ease of movement.

For extractions that are as atraumatic as possible, we also offer various root lifters such as the PerioLUX instruments: the axially aligned pencil handle allows the force used to be optimally controlled. The new surgical instruments from American Eagle are now available from several dental dealers.

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